Every time we go out for dinner with friends, paying the bill at the end of the meal is a hassle. What do we do with the guy who got three drinks? How do we split the breadsticks three people ate, but not the fourth?

What it does

Dollar Share Club makes splitting the bill fast, easy and right at the table. With Clover integration, we allow people to scan a QR code on a bill, see the receipt on their phones, and pay for only the items they actually had. We take care of all the bill-splitting. They just need to tap to confirm, and we charge users through Venmo's API.

How we built it

We built a Clover app that adds a QR code to receipts which points people to our website. The Clover app posts the transaction details to our database and generates a QR code with the merchant id and order id embedded in it.

The QR code also encodes a url to and appends a unique identifier for the bill. Each person at the dinner table scans the QR code, which then takes them to our web app and through the bill splitting process. As people select their items, we update the receipts for everyone in real-time to show who got what. The real-time updates are made possible through a two-way communication with Firebase. At the end, users can pay back their friends with our Venmo integration.

The web app is built with Javascript and jQuery.

Challenges I ran into

  • Getting the Clover development environment up and running
  • Fetching order details from Clover's database
  • Getting real-time Firebase data

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Created a Clover App which pushed the necessary data to our database and customizes the receipt by printing a QR code
  • A web app that instantly updates as each person participates in the bill splitting process
  • Finalize payments through Venmo
  • Icing on the cake -> the name "DollarShare.Club" :)

What I learned

  • Integrating into the Clover eco-system
  • Using Firebase to dynamically update a webapp
  • Finalizing transactions through Venmo

What's next for Dollar Share Club

  • Create a native iOS and Android App
  • Polish up the UI
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