We wanted to take on Dollar General's challenge to make shopping less stressful for the millions of often under-served shoppers.

What it does

Dollar for Dollar introduces Alexa to the Dollar General family. It allows customers to ask about the price of grocery products from Dollar General, and then add those products to their DG cart. That way, the customer can waste less time looking for necessary items during their trip to the store. The application also keeps track of coupons and potential savings linked to cart items, helping the customer get the most value from their shopping experience!

How We built it

We used an Amazon Echo device as our interface for Alexa, and an API provided by Dollar General. On the backend we used serverless JavaScript functions to help us handle HTTP requests, and a database for storing product lists so that we could link products to their UPC numbers.

Challenges We ran into

We had to work around the limitations of the Dollar General API - the biggest one being the requirement of UPC codes for lookups of products. We also had trouble making HTTP requests and formatting data in a way that was useful to the Echo device.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We finished it despite our limited time, as we had attempted several different projects before moving on to this one.

What we learned

Even projects that seem simple can have a lot of complications. We learned Alexa design and a good amount of JavaScript.

What's next for Dollar For Dollar

Scale beyond just a few products using a full database of UPC values. Full cart management system for customers. Memory for previous purchases that advises future purchases.

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