Financial literacy is an essential tool for teenagers and young adults but unfortunately, many lack the knowledge. This is especially important since financial habits developed during the earlier years of one's life is usually persisted through the future. We aim to provide an effective and engaging way to reach out and educate those particularly in high school/university on making healthy financial decisions.

What it does

Our financial simulator provides an entertaining and immersive experience in educating young adults on making healthy financial decisions. By reproducing the experience of earning and spending assets, we personalize the experience, providing a more effective learning potential. Intuitive and responsive data visualization tools also provide statistics on the user's financial spending.

How we built it

The data visualization tools were rendered using ChartJs along with a labelling plugin ChartJs Labels. Custom plugins were written to provide a more dynamic and interactive response. The front-end and routing of the program were done using Angular 6 and styled with Bootstrap 4. The resulting program was hosted on Heroku.

Challenges we ran into

We had a lot of trouble routing data through our front-end using Angular 6. We also found ourselves thinking a lot about game mechanics to balance the "playability" of the game with the educational aspect.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Since our team is composed of members that predominantly work in back-end software and development, creating an application with an emphasis on beautiful and immersive UI/UX was a welcomed challenge and change of pace. We were able to create a UI that is responsive and appealing to our target market in very few iterations of the UX design.

We were also able to set up and maintain a continuous delivery pipeline on a git branch to allow for rapid iterations so that all the team members can see the new product changes quickly.

Lastly, we wrote our own plugins for Chartjs to allow for custom features that made data visualization much more impactful.

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