You take out your phone and do that swipe motion as if throwing dollar bills around (colloquially known as "making it rain"). All the nearby phones with the app receive payment in bitcoin. A high-tech way to demonstrate affluence (aka being bawler) has finally arrived!

While we admit this app is silly, it is easy to underestimate it. Serious things are boring. We believe that the way to encourage bitcoin adaptation is to make it not serious. To make it fun! Once people have our app, it is trivial to modify it to do useful things.

We also gain a lot of data from our app on the habits of our users. This will allow us to encourage adaptation of "tip jars" at local businesses where it "rains a lot".

In short, we have made a silly but honest app with lots of hidden ambition. We might not have made something revolutionary, but we've made something people want. That matters more in the short term.

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