Web 3.0 and metaverse, as well as a general passion for VR

What it does

Uses Dolby's API's to communicate with others over a virtual reality web application.

How we built it

Primary languages and frameworks were Javascript, NodeJS, Aframe, Express.

Challenges we ran into

Wanted to get it running on a websocket, to show avatars that moved around as the other user moved. Unfortunately, ran out of time before deadline, so ditched any progress to focus on core use case.

What we realized too late was the geo-spatial capabilities of your API's. This is what truly sets it apart from all other voice API's. If developed correctly, this would make VR experiences in the browser a truly immersive experience that stands out from all others. Being able to hear only people based on their virtual distance/proximity will transform from a luxury to an absolute necessity in the future of web browsing.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the "logged in" UI to work in virtual reality!

What we learned

Websockets are finnicky sometimes... Avatar creation insertion was fairly easy, but getting it to update player position every frame proved time consuming.

What's next for Dolby VR Metaverse

Avatars with real time movement is truly next-gen for websites... Imagine a world where you can shop for shoes online in VR, actually picking up the items and rotating them in your hands before making a decision to buy. Imagine watching your favorite Netflix or Youtube videos with your friends in a virtual theater. Even virtual music concerts would be a crazy experience. With VR, combined with Dolby's geo-spatial capabilities, this has the capacity to completley change the way we interact with other people.

NOTE: if you would like to test the web app in browser (if you dont have a VR device), please use the mouse and WASD keys to move around

NOTE: There are 2 experiences; one is on the homepage of the web app listed below. The second one (the 3d city) can be found by appending /meeting.html at the end of

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