Our friend Francis got the inspiration from a doctor who told him he wanted doctors to communicate more closely with patients. We then we brainstormed and came up with the idea of an ambitious app, website and an admin to check the doctors' authenticity. Due to time constraints dok. did not have all the aspects we previously mentioned, but the key components were implemented to give the best feel for the vibe and develop the details for the app after the hackathon.

What it does

dok. is a user-friendly application that connects Doctors and patients without the time spent visiting clinics. The simple app design is ideal for millennial teen transitioning into adults to find doctors in a convenient way. The patient, upon the first visit to the site, scrolls down, chooses to sign up as a patient and chooses credentials. They then choose what kind of health problems they are having trouble within a preselected menu of 6 options. Then they are redirected to the doctor qualified to assist them. The patient is able to check the doctors' profile to check their ratings, comments, and prices to decide if the doctor chosen in trustworthy.

How I built it

HML5 was used to create the backbone of the project, and CSS and javascript were used to make the site more aesthetically pleasing. NodeJS and MongoDB were used to increase the functionality. Bootstrap was used for design.

Challenges I ran into

The Google firebase firestore glitched and we weren't able to complete the mobile application that was meant to communicate with another mobile device.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The website is extremely aesthetically pleasing, and the idea was developed pretty far into its intended planning and the rest can be developed with more time and meetings.

What I learned

We learned the basics of HTML, the JAVA Script, CSS, Full Stack Development, and learning to manipulate and utilize databases.

What's next for dok.

Future plans for dok. consist of the implementation of machine learning to create a search bar so that the patient can type in what they have trouble with. The admin can be added to feed in Dr. qualifications to train it. The quality of the website can be made updated. We can connect googles' API to add the radius chosen by the patient and the functional maps and addresses of the doctor.

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