Going to see a doctor in a hospital can be difficult for physically disabled people, especially the cost of third-party consultancy and the high cost of making an appointment. So we thought about creating a web application that can make it easier for people to talk directly to a doctor about their illness from anywhere and at any time while eliminating any third-party expensive consultancy firms.

What it does

Dok connects the patient to doctors in a given radius based on their geolocation and availability of the doctor. Doctors using the web application can also login their credentials and talk to patients awaiting them. Dok makes it more convenient for physically disabled people who cannot afford the high consultation fees to still get a piece of advice for their illness, or they can seek professional advises at the comfort of their home. Dok also allows doctors to better utilize their free time and help more patients and build a better society.

How we built it

We used MERN stack for this web application. We also used the google map API to search for the patient's nearby hospitals and MongoDB to create a database of the doctors and patient list for the backend of the website and hosted it online using Heroku

Challenges we ran into

Hosting for web application in Heroku and pointing it to

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having an interactive dynamic web application take enables physically disabled patients to get the health care they deserve.

What we learned

We learned about a great deal about backend using MongoDB and Node.JS as well as how to host a web application using

What's next for Dok

Making doctors and patients aware of this system and website, so they can use it to connect to each other.

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