To make our lives simpler using tech integrating IOT and Sense360 SDK

How it works

Learns Geodata to create geofences where rules are in place to trigger events. The app schedules when those triggers should be triggered.

Challenges I ran into Build environment for IOS is very hard on a windows machine and our team mate with a Mac came late. Our original idea needed to be abandoned after many failed IDEs. Oh and then there is the issue of lack of sleep.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: getting to work with an amazing team, the work that George did on the hardware, Jonathan did for vision, Farn_Yu did with his calm coding, and my ability to ramp up on new technologies.

What I learned: Have your environment built and know the requirements before the hackathon (this was an IOS event - should have been more prepared for that.

What's next for DoItSmartly

Additional features for smart life and automating your life.

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