As this is our first hackathon, we wanted to have fun and play around with APIs. Also, we wanted to address a social problem.

Our app sends a dog / cat gif over text. When someone asks for a gif, we save their number in our system, and every 3 gifs they ask for, we include a random stat about the organization Animal Care Centers of NYC, and ask them to visit their site and donate.

We built the app by following the tutorial on Twilio site and implemented GIPHY API into it. Then, we modified it with what we knew about python.

It was difficult at first to use different features of the APIs. Because we didn't know what was happening behind the scenes, our program sometimes wouldn't work the way we expected it to be.

Still, we are proud of the baby steps we've made, and we learned how powerful APIs can be if we know how to use them right.

Text 3476320375 to find out more! :)

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