“How we manage and harness technology for the good of mankind is the key issue of our time.” - Henry Timms, CEO of 92nd Street Y.

We wanted people from all walks of life to feel empowered when it comes to making a difference in the lives of themselves and of others; even the smallest of things are the most impactful should be accounted for. Not all of us have the time or the resources to go to Africa to volunteer at a refugee camp, or to go to, but we still want to do something good for the sake of our own souls. This is the inspiration for DoGood: in order to contribute to social good, we need to make sure that as citizens of an ever-connected world, we have access to contributing to causes we care about so we can make a difference in the world we live in and offer something new.

What it does

In order to make an impact with any kind of social good: we divided the classifications of such acts into four types:

1) make a donation: for a charity that you get to pick after searching up using our engine using the eBay charities API, you will be able to pick which charity or donation drive your money goes to.

2) fight for your cause - If you believe there is an issue for which you need the legislative route, we present to you a detailed list of representatives in your area who we believe can help you hear your voice and advocate for issues that you need solving in your daily lives.

3) acts of kindness - Do one simple act of kindness and see the impact such as buying a friend a cup of coffee, or helping your neighbour with their oil change, or remembering to help your sister with your math homework. If you do anything that helps someone out of the good of your own heart, make sure that you log it in here and in the future, get rewarded for it! (more in this later)

4) volunteer at local non-profits: if you have time at a local organization and feel passionate about an issue, you should register to volunteer at a local non-profit, which in turn updates your own calendar for the events you have registered to, and you can see where you have time for certain events!

How we built it

Used VueJs for frontend. Bootstrap for design and Lottie for cool animations. NodeJs backend for the proxy server so we could get CORS validation for frontend XML request to Ebay's API. We decided

Challenges we ran into

Had to learn how to make XML request and also setting up a proxy server for CORS validation. We also ran into challenges with learning how to use vue.js as two of us did not have ANY experience with regards to vue.js as a framework. We also ran into challenges designing an interface that was simple to use despite a lot of ideas with respect to the "social good" outreach.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Learning a functioning app despite not knowing any vue.js
  • make an application that can help in social outreach for those who feel disenfranchised for volunteering!

What we learned

  • how to use vue.js *learned how to work as a team as a first!
  • how to implement bootstrap with another javascript framework
  • how to harness technology in a method that allows the outreach of volunteer work

What's next for DoGood

Adding extra features such as a reward system that we will match in donations to a charity of their choice. Also, a streak feature where you can do one act of kindness every day and on big milestones are sent a celebratory post and rewarded with achievement medals. The idea is to gamify giving back and make it a fun experience throughout.

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