What it does

Dogmatic is an app that generates 3D-printable custom prosthetics for pets. These prosthetics can be made at a fraction of their normal price by taking advantage of community resources: at home, at libraries, or at public maker spaces.

If a pet owner can't afford mainstream veterinarian prosthetics, they can submit their dog's measurements to our website. Dogmatic's servers take those measurements and tailor a set of 3D models to the pet's dimensions. The website currently offers static prosthetics for partially amputed limbs as well as a spring-driven full-limb replacement.

How we built it

We built the models using Fusion 360, a CAD modeling program, along with a python script that allows us to export a .STL file using the specified parameters. The user inputs their pet's measurements through a website that connects to a server. The server sends the measurements to a Fusion 360 instance, which generates the custom fit and exports 3D models. The user can then download their generated files.

What's next for Dogmatic

We hope to expand Dogmatic to a larger scale by designing different types of prosthetics for different kinds of pets. In the future, Dogmatic-designed prosthetics will be stronger, faster, and more cost-effective: employing structural analysis to remove material from the CAD models, linkage analysis to improve our full-limb prosthetic's walk cycle, and better Fusion 360 integration to improve technical aspects of the server.

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