We originally wanted to create a timer to notify users to workout after a certain amount of time on the computer. However, we diverged and we went with a more beginner route. We realized our idea required more advanced programming. With our final project, we incorporated two things we love, dogs and memes!

What it does

Our website has a timer that only takes numbers as inputs. The numbers are then converted to minutes and seconds. After the timer finishes, it displays "Congrats! You did it!". The "Refresh" button on the bottom left refreshes the timer and provides a random dog picture each time.

How we built it

We built the project using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The IDE that we used was Visual Studio Code. We used Github to deploy and share our changes. Lastly, we hosted our website with Github pages.

Challenges we ran into

A main challenged we had was setting up the Git and terminal. One of our members had technical difficulties with her computer. We had spent a lot of time figuring out our project and having everyone agree with a topic.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of able to get a project from start to finish and familiarize more with Git/Github, and Javascript. Overall, it was a successful hackathon event for two out of three teammates.

What we learned

Something we learned was to better manage our time. We also learned how to better use our command lines in Linux/Terminal and learned how to use the Live Share collaborating extension on Visual Studio Code. For future hackathon events, we would like to setup our systems to use our time efficiently.

What's next for Doggy Time

We would love to incorporate our original Idea of a workout timer into our Doggy Time Website. In this idea, we would like to have inputs for the three categories on length (of workout), type (of exercises), and difficulty (of exercises). With these the inputs, we would derive a workout video based the three categories. The website would also include a notification system that will let you if you’ve been sitting for too long. This will encourage people to take a break and work out instead of sitting at their computers for extended periods.

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