My dog barks and my neighbors say he's too loud. This is weird because he never barks when we are in the apartment. Sound complaints and landlord issues are a major reason dogs get sent to shelters because they violate lease agreements.

Pet monitoring cameras exist but they are priced anywhere from $50 for the crappy ones, $100 for good ones, $200 for top of the line. The total production cost for this project is less than $3 per device. That leaves lots of wiggle room to create a budget priced pet monitor that still has a very nice profit margin.

What it does

Receive a notification (Text or Push) whenever your dog barks louder than a user defined threshold.

How I built it

Built a sound monitor using a Particle Photon (IoT dev board) and a microphone. Text notifications are handled through Twilio.

Challenges I ran into

My team got snowed in at West Virginia. There was supposed to be a mobile app component with push notifications. Twilio text alerts didn't work for a while until I switched the send phone number.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The sound alerts work! The texts get delivered!

What's next for Doggy Decibels

Build a mobile app. Get push notifications working. Change from proprietary IoT dev board to open source ATTiny85 and custom built PCBs. Do market research to see if people would like to interact with their pets via some type of 2 way talk or treat dispenser.

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