We wanted to create an application in which would benefit Fresno State. Fresno State students looking for parking often find someone who wants to vacate their spots. They give me ride to their car to get a parking. This project builds on that idea that you can give ride to collect points and redeem those points by getting access to real time parking information. We faced issues of traffic in school and an increasing number of carbon footprints being made on earth. This application was made in the name of sustainability and social good.

What it does

This project is going to help Fresno State traffic management system. It will reduce the traffic flow of the students as they can share rides and not be forced to use their own cars and clutter the parking lots. It will also help students who don't have cars to get around the campus easily. It will help people with cars help find parking easily. As there will be less cars on street, the air will be much cleaner and the environment will be less polluted.

How we built it

We used Native React for the app platform. We used Raspberry Pi to take pictures. We relied on APIs for maps. We relied on Redux and Firebase.

Challenges we ran into

We struggled to get the Pi Camera to work and lost significant time, but we did it. We couldn't get Expo to work our app, so we took time troubleshooting files. We couldn't get Redux to communicate with Firebase and spent 6 hours trying to figure it out

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got the Pi Camera to work. Even though it is not a complete app, it is a working app in progress.

What we learned

We learned we need to practice using our hardware and software before entering competitions. We need to focus on the core features before jumping into the secondary features.

What's next for DOGGO

We would like to expand our idea and implement this project on campus and help out our Fresno State community.

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