What if we could apply all the awesomeness of what we understand about marketing and mature AR ecommerce apps to helping people find the pet they want.

A next-gen dating platform... for humans to meet their pet soulmate!

Shazam for dogs that's actually useful!

Scan to read a love letter from a dog that would like you to adopt it.

What it does

Eye a dog, find out where to adopt one - and know potential genetic diseases to check for for that breed!

  1. Take a photo of a dog you're interested in.
  2. Select the identified breed type.
  3. Load thumbnails of available nearby dogs to adopt in that breed.
  4. Select a thumbnail to view the dog in AR!
  5. Touch the dog to view a postcard about the dog, including the Petfinder description and its genetic disease potential based on trends in diseases identified in area using Kinship Wisdom data.
  6. And random Stamps from instagram or !

(Note, only breeds known to Petfinder are shown in pill boxes. Cross matched with the highest scoring classifiers.)

How I built it

Unity C# -> Cross platform compile magic -> iOS + Android app! Serverside: Google Cloud, LAMP, Petfinder API,

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

My cute logo design makes me smile :)

I really enjoy applying my expertise in building AR ecommerce software to try to use emerging technology to help people adopt more dogs!

What I learned

Not a good idea: spending an entire day in a 2 day hackathon trying to get a data set in the wild to train with better results

Though I'm drawn to datasets of affinity... I often don't really know what I'm building until I start hacking out a few different components and they all just seem to fit together in a sensible way...

What's next for DogEye

  • App Store and Play Store!
  • fixes and new features
  • Even more polished UI!
  • Kinship Dog Park API to find dogs near you to "browse" and scan in real life!


Pitch Silly

DogEye is a next gen dating platform for humans to meet their pet soulmate(s) with a computer vision + augmented reality inspired interaction.

You Shazam a dog to find out what types it might be. And discover the nearby dogs of the breed available for adoption.

You can also augment the dog to have it feel more present. This background extraction is automated using ML backend. As are the Petfinder API loadings.

You can read a love letter postcard from the dog.

And, also discover breed awareness genetic health issues by ordering a Wisdom Panel.

What we’re trying to do is bring all the awesome stuff in AR commerce marketing to help people connect with dogs that they can grow together with.

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