The NFT market value is continuous growing. Most of the userbase are younger population that likes to play games. In the last years we saw a huge demand for games integrating NFTs to give a player a way to earn real money GameFi(gaming + finance). NFTs are very practical for using in games as they provide a way to trade assets or even rent them in a safe and reliable way using smart contracts build on NEO blockchain.

What it does

DogeRift is a GameFi build on Neo. Players use their NFTs as playable characters to earn tokens which can be used ingame to improve your gameplay or trade them for profit. Players use their NEO wallets as game accounts to login the game and NFTs as playable characters and items.

Players use DOGER token on Neo blockchain to purchase NFT characters. Players earn DOGEF token on Neo blockchain to improve their gameplay experience. (tokens will be burned so the supply of tokens will get lower)

Client web aplication ( - interacts with the smart contracts deployed on Neo blockchain - you can link your Neo wallet to create game account which allows you to login the client PC application and transfer all your owned NFT data into the game - used to mint NFT characters

DogeRift.exe - client application of the game, players downloads it from our website and use it to play and earn

DOGEF tokens - versions: PC - Windows, Mac OS (future versions: mobile - android and ios) - after creating your game account, you can start to play the game and earn DOGEF tokens in various ways trough quests,events,pvp - when you login the game it receives your NFT information on the blockchain, after which you can choose your character and items - you can create your own worlds to play trough different levels and game mechanics which will be added trough patches - you can see other players worlds and who is in them and also join them and do things together to make them more fun and engaging and have the real metaverse experience - voice chat/chat supported (friendlists will be added soon) - many new content updates are comming soon: ingame shop for upgrading your NFTs and skins, new zones, quests, mechanics, characters...

How we built it

Project is composed by:

Smart contracts build on Neo blockchain:

- DOGER - governance token, used to purchase NFT characters and for staking (on mainnet)
- DOGEF - play to earn token, used to upgrade game experience or to earn profit (on mainnet)
- NFT minting and trading -  acquire playable characters, items and trade them (in developement)

Client PC application - DogeRift - Client application is build in Unity 3D engine, because it's a flexible engine which allows us to make future mobile versions of the game Client web application - interacts with the smart contracts used to mint NFTs and to link your blockchain data to the game. It provides an easy way for the players to interact with smart contracts. Server - combination of various applications and services for hosting and managing the multiplayer game for the parts where blockchain is not needed.

Client web application is responsible for linking the Neo blockchain data to the server and vice versa. Client PC application is responsible for sending player ingame actions to the server. Server is responsible for storing player data, ingame services (voice chat/chat, hosting/joining other player worlds, friendlists) and managing of player accounts and their actions . Blockchain is responsible for proof of ownership of accounts,characters and items trough your NEO wallet and storing owned NFT data.

Challenges we ran into

Combining many different aspects of computer science to make this project possible. Making a 3D game is challenging on it's own, but making a multiplayer game that works with blockchain requires a lot of knowledge on many different subjects.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having our DOGER and DOGEF tokens on the (mainnet) and over 1000 holders.

Players feedback is very positive.

Unique Bored Doge Collection link

We have a working alpha version of the game with multiplayer features.

What we learned

Many features and powers of Neo Blockchain.

How to develop and deploy smart contracts on the Neo Blockchain.

How to connect your NEO wallet and interactions with the blockchain trough web client.

What's next for DogeRift 2.5D NFT Gamefi /3D Metaverse Gamefi

-We are hoping that the interest for the game will keep growing as it's now.

-Mobile versions of the game. (2.5D game)

-Marketplace on web client.

-In-game shop.

-Many new ingame content and updates to keep the player base growing. (casino , soccer , adventure ...)

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posted an update

We want to share some great news with you all. DogeRift team was at Blockdown 2022 festival in Croatia and we gave the audience our alpha game version to test it out and everyone loved it. We got a lot of positive feedback and are very happy that everyone is looking optimistic regarding our game. Also we will get some newspaper coverage regarding the blockdown event Game will be very soon in beta stage, so everyone will be able to test it out.

check more here :

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