We have 3000 doggo pics in our database and wanted to make use of them.

What? How?

Our core tech is to encode information in RGB images by altering 2 least significant bits (LSBs) in each pixel channel. We use a passphrase as seed for the pseudo-random number generator, which selects the pixel-channels in which we store our data (essentially a symmetric-key encryption algorithm). We fill LSBs of the non-selected pixel-channels with random noise. In doing so, we are able to store up to 180kb of data in a 512 x 512 RGB Doge. (Fun fact: There are 4.04 x 10^79836 number of possible combinations for the selection of pixel-channels)

We also created a Telegram bot (@dogecodebot) to serve you random doggo pics because we feel that doggos need more love. Simply type /giffmedoggo to receive a doggo pic to brighten up your blues.

For the Enlightened user, we also bundle our steganography tech as a service within the chatbot. The following are hidden commands personalised just for you.


  • Input: /giffmedoggo <message>

  • Output: 512 x 512 RGB Doge containing hidden data


  • Input: /ihasdoggo (You'll be prompted to input passphrase and upload image to be decrypted)

  • Output: Decoded data

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