For the lolz

What it does

Manages a doge coin wallet through a texting interface and awards users that send valid pictures of cute dogs through MMS. Users may choose to transfer out the doge coin from their wallets or donate their doge coin directly to either a humane society or a shelter that's listed on our list of approved non-profit organizations.

How we built it

We broke down each problem individually into sub problems. Working on the wallet was the biggest concern, old API's made it difficult to create and withdraw wallets due to outdated cryptography libraries for python. The serverside URL call had their own working decryption function, so we just needed to build the string for the call. For the doge recognition technology to be functional, we trained a model into Clarifai and with enough samples it was pretty confident in identifying if the image did contain a dog and it was able to determine the breed as well. For the overall user interface Twilio was used, the picture was sent via MMS, which Twilio creates a URL for and is directly fed to our trademarked super high tech proprietary python script /s that interacts with the Clarifai API. That in turn returns data for our "main driver" python script to interpret, if the Clarifai module gives the green light and in fact determines it's a nice dog, the original sender will be accredited with some doge coin! Yes, real doge coin.

Challenges we ran into

Python is unforgiving. Finding elements in Clarifai's json is harder than looking for Waldo. Apparently if you mix spaces and tabs in python, you're gonna have a bad time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were definitely proud in the end of what our app was capable of. The responses and analyzations of pictures were more accurate than we had expected. We were thrilled when all of our parts worked together to create the fully functioning app. It was a very fun application to implement, showing what synthesizing a bunch of cool technologies can do.

What we learned

Doge coin is cheap. There are API's out there for everything, you just need to look hard enough.

What's next for DOGE_Bot

Hopefully sponsor an animal shelter and another Nascar.

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