Hi I’m Anthony and this is James and Lawrence. Taking care of a dog isn’t easy, and having the long work hours we have doesn’t make it any easier. That’s why we’ve created Doge-ball.

Say you’re at work and your dog has been alone for a while. If you have a nest cam or other home cameras setup, playing with him/her is easy. The app we created acts as a remote controller, connecting to the ball over the internet. Shoot your dog a treat, hit the speak button to talk with him, or control the ball as if you were right there beside him/her.

The ball drives around a core that provides a stable center of gravity. The ball computes statistics such as distance, actions, and ball orientation in pitch and roll. These are all transferred directly from the ball to the cloud in real-time using Verizon Thingspace device messaging API. They are displayed on the RADIX hosted web portal you see here, doge-ball.space.

An interactive smart ball to play with your dog -- anywhere. Doge-ball!

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