Our team wanted to create a fun game that people can play to relief stress during this pandemic. We wanted our players to have a good laugh from our comical premise, all while having a smooth gaming experience.

FUN FACT: The sprites used ('Doge' and 'Grumpy Cat') were drawn by ourselves during this hackathon! We decided to have a little fun and explore some pixel art and animation.

What it does

This is a fun 60 second game aimed to get people to laugh and have some fun. Press up/down/left/right on keyboard to move 'Doge' around the screen. Accumulate as many points as you can before time reaches 60 seconds. You can accumulate points by 'annoying' the grumpy cat that appears at different locations on the screen. 'Annoy' the grumpy cat by bringing 'Doge' to touch it. Careful, as the feisty Grumpy Cat will push Doge back when it's touched!

How we built it

Game is created using C++ with the help of the starter code provided and Ubisoft's HackerNest API.

Challenges we ran into

Not only were we 1 person short in our team, but majority of us were new to C++. It was certainly challenging to pick up the language and create a game in a matter of hours, but very fulfilling when we succeeded in producing a fun game that we're proud of.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having a fully functional game integrated with animations, graphics, and keyboard control that runs without errors.

What we learned

Programming in C++, game development logic, pixel art!

What's next for Doge Attack!

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