Dogami is a joyful mobile-first Cryptogame that is centered around NFT-based dog avatars.

What it does

In essence, gamers can engage in four main activities in its metaverse: collect, play, earn, and socialize. The overarching objective of the game is to develop the rarest and best dog in the metaverse. In order to level up the avatar, gamers need to participate in (hyper-)casual minigames that correspond to real-life activities typically performed during different maturity stages of your dog. Similar to other blockchain games, Dogami offers attractive play-to-earn mechanisms, most notably game cashbacks.

Challenges we ran into

Current blockchain games pose huge challenges in terms of accessibility (price & customer journeys) & user experience (unappealing game loops & slow interaction with environment). Dogami wants to address these pain points to make blockchain gaming accessible for a mainstream audience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to convince high-profile investors to join our project as advisors. Most notably, people from renowned blockchain games, global gaming publishers & well-connected investors in the Cryptosphere.

What's next for Dogami

The game wants to appeal to a broad audience with a mass-friendly theme, accessible NFT pricing and, most notably, frictionless customer journeys. The game builds on the Tezos blockchains and issues the game-native token ‘DOGA’. Dogami completes its seed-round (~1M USD) by the end of August '21, and subsequently pursues a token sale (private and public).

How we built it

Our game is built on the Tezos blockchain on the upgradeable FA2 standard. Tezos was the ideal design choice given it's efficiency, scalability and upgradeability.

Built With

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