Pet owner social networks are around for a while now and represent a large demographic. They are mainly web-based, made for a global market and lacking mobile apps. The mobile apps aimed at pet owners are usually too specific, made to solve just one problem of pet ownership. We felt that none of these solved our problems as dog owners and we thought that we're not alone. This is where TRNQL comes in - we made a local community of dog owners, that could easily connect and help each other out.

What it does

It provides an overview of dog owners nearby that have the app and a messaging system to contact them. Users can see places marked as dog friendly nearby (marking is being done by users of the app). Additionally, we provided an overview and contact details of nearby veterinarians. Users can customize their dogs' profiles.

How we built it

We used SmartPeople to connect dog owners nearby. SmartPlaces provided us with POI to suggest to users for marking as dog friendly. SmartLocation and VetFinder API made a perfect match for displaying nearby vets. Parse was used as the backend to save dog owner profiles, their messages and announcements.

Challenges we ran into

Testing, debugging and mocking contextual signals is hard. TRNQL SDK makes capturing these signals easier, but they still need to be emitted.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We solved a real-world problem and made an useful app in the process. We hope that Dog Wizard will unite dog owners from communities everywhere, and make their lives easier.

What we learned

We gained experience in implementing TRNQL and Parse SDKs, both of which have great documentation.

What's next for Dog Wizard

We want to implement SmartWeather and SmartActivity into dog walk reminders, when the app detects lower activity and bad weather ahead. Since dog owners are a specific consumer segment, we want to integrate relevant advertising in the app.

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