Do you have a dog? Use Dog Whistle to train your dog! Whistle when the dog does something bad. Teach your dog new tricks, no barking and better behavior! You can also use it as anti dog repellent whistle. Choose your own whistle frequency to train your dog. Dog whistle contains frequency: 7kHz, 10kHz, 15kHz, 19kHz.

Just download for free dog Whistle and enjoy!

You can read some comment too !!!

Ian : Whistle Makes my dog wacko

Evelia : Dog whistle I have an insane chihuahua. She listens to this whistle . Pretty funny

Kandin : Funny stuff!!! Great app:) My dog made the funniest faces. Very entertaining!!

Jesse : funny as hell it was so funny watching my poodle turn her head side to side when she heard the different sound pitch

Note: If you cannot hear 19 kHz or 15 kHz sound, it's just because the limit of your ear. Your dog can hear it.

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