Inspiration "what is the right amount of food I need to give a dog or cat"? This question is asked again and again by dog and cats owners. Multi food is not utilized correctly and the animal does not get the amount of food required.

Automatic feeding kit combines intelligent weighing system will provide an immediate response to contemporary needs of the dog scientifically accurate depending on the level of activity. This will help pet owners to save money, will provide many health problems and because of this trap.

dog vending machine will provide just the right amount besed on the dog needs

Keter plastic dog house on scale with api that will check the dog weight and start the food feeder if the dog need food

making the software and integration

Accomplishments that we're proud of the idea came from one of the best veterinarian in israel that will be part of the team. on a daily basis we deals with overweight dogs and he made this vision

What we learned the need in the market is good - no one have a good solution for this product yet

and due to the price of the food it will be a good product for Keter

What's next for dog vending machine - Goto Keter for mass production

Built With

  • api-application-program-interface
  • food-fedder
  • keter-doghouse
  • rfid-radio-frequency-identification
  • samsung-gear
  • scale
  • weighing-device
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