Technical Track: IOT + Hardware

Hack from Hathway Challenge

The Hathway Challenge inspired Dog Instrucc when we found out Petsmart was one of their clients. As a group of pet lovers, we wanted to find a way to integrate pet companionship into a technical hack. Many individuals without pets may find them to be a hassle and training them to be hard. With Dog Instrucc, customers are able to easily train their pets using cloud and automation technology. Making pets easier and seem more fun to be around will improve the PR image of owning a pet, both directly, and indirectly pushing revenue towards Petsmart.

This application, shipped with both a web mobile application and a hardware device allows customers to have a full experience.

Use of Google Cloud Platform

  • Google Cloud Speech services allow natural voice recognition, reducing strain of users trying to train their pets since they no longer have to tediously repeat the same command over and over again
  • Firebase and Firestore provides the data storage backend so all training status is always kept backed up to the cloud. The NoSQL storage structure allows immense scalability within the system
  • A Google Cloud Function does the heavy lifting of calculating the gyroscope values. Using numpy polynomial fit equations, the three dimensional motion vectors can be compared and evaluated whether or not your dog has successfully performed the trick!

Use of .TECH

Domain registration of was made possible by and static hosting on GitHub Pages.


Though the web application is only two pages, it closely follows Material design patterns. However, user interface and design is not limited to the visual aesthetic, but also the simplicity of the experience. The entire application is controlled with one floating action button and voice input - no need to fumble with complicated button UIs or text input.


IoT System:

Web Application:

Google Cloud Function:

Note: The hardware component is necessary to try out the hack. We recommend using the application on your mobile device.

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