As a new dog owner last year and never having had a dog growing up it was quite a rollercoaster of a journey. Dogs should not eat the same food as well do, often we have overly salty or fat foods and things we enjoy like chocolate are extremely harmful to dogs. However we love to treat our dogs, we get satisfaction from thier enjoyment and so its inevitable your dog will get some of your food at some point. Whether thats accidental or planned. I created this skills to help new owners as well as young family members to understand if a food could be potentially harmful to a dog.

What it does

The skill is simple, you ask if your dog can eat a certain item and Alexa with answer with a simple yes or no and then provide a little bit of information about the food.

How I built it

I built the skill after getting an Alexa for my birthday, I bought a tutorial off a website called cloud guru and built the skill from there using lambda and Javascript.

Challenges I ran into

As this was my first challenge, understanding Alexa's API was a big task and as I generally only use Unity 3D and c# I had to learn how to code for Alexa. Setting up CLI with the command prompt etc was new to me as well.

Perhaps the biggest was writing sentences for Alexa as she can often say things too fast or I have written too much making it hard to listen/interact.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The skill was submitted and passed certification.

What I learned

How to create an Alexa Skill from scratch, the submission and certification process. Using Command Prompt and Terminal for quick distribution.

What's next for Dog Food

Building on the language making it clearer and easier to use. Include tips for dog training and methods. Add speechcons for a friendly and more socialble feel.

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