Dog breeds are highly variable and so are the disorders specific to each breed. We want to create an app to help pet owners become aware of the potential conditions that may affect their dog so they can plan for it earlier - scheduling preventative screening and setting aside financial resources. The goal of this app is to allow pet owners to ensure a high quality of life for their dog through its lifespan - While Dogs are man's best friend, Dog Diligence is a dog's best friend.

What it does

Pet owners can look up disorders specific to their breed and suggest preventative screen dates based on age of the dog. Owners can schedule preventive screenings with the nearest Banfield Clinic. Owners can plan their finances for necessary treatments by pulling in their balance info. This works for mix breeds as well. Our algorithm takes accounts for the lowered risk of disorders in mixed breeds and the suppression of gene expressions when certain breeds are mixed (or the algorithm will. currently the suggested screening dates are just push out if the dog is mixed :)

How we built it

Integrated everything in the Kinship API package. Also integrated Plaid for the financing portion of the app. App built it on top of Ionic 4. We also use the framework agnostic feature to inject React. Kinship API used:

  • List of all Banfield Locations
  • List of all Pet Nutrition
  • List of all Disorders

Challenges we ran into

First time using Ionic 4, so it was a great learning opportunity.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Fully functioning applications. Also our designer/marketer commited a lot of front-end code. Hackathons promote learning and community engagement :)

What we learned

A bit of new technology. A lot about Dog health and Dog care!

What's next for Dog Diligence

Add more disorders and solutions in our dog diligence database. While Dogs are man's best friend, we can to be a dog's best friend.

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