DOFdb is an idea that came out of four students who have a passion for data storage and social media APIs.

The App?

DOFdb uses the OpenDOF SDK to accomplish the distribution of the data over the network. We created a small application that bridges OpenDOF calls with the SQL Language that accesses a MySQL database. By doing this we were able have an application use the full functionality of SQL with only openDOF calls. This proof of concept reveals that an openDOF’s provider object can easily be created into a standalone Database bridge. This means that openDOF can easily be used to bridge with any other Data access API. We extended this proof of concept by attempting to connect a DOF bridge with the Twitter API to access the data on your twitter account.

The FileSystem Cloud Extension

We created the DOFWriter and DOFReader objects. Using these objects we were able to design a pattern through these objects for writing and reading a file from anywhere on a cluster. We are hoping to add these objects easily into any networked system that manages files.

The Struggle :*(

We essentially had 12 hours to solidify an idea and to complete a prototype. This was very draining to do, but very rewarding at the same time. We were not able to get every functionality that we had specified for the application, but we did get the project to a point that we are all satisfied with.

Staying in the Game!

We found that it was super challenging to learn a full SDK and make a application in such a small amount of time. The minute we started to see how the SDK worked, we were able to really see progress with the project. We found that communicating through the network is usually very tough and complicated, but openDOF helped make everything fit together.

Special Comments

We were quite surprised how easy it is to setup a network application let alone a full database bridge with openDOF. We are all very happy to see an idea that we envisioned on paper actually work out in real practice.

Lessons Learned...

Work under stress is fun. I would prepare harder in the future for the time stress. None of us are experts with the SDK. We were all able to appreciate openDOF by the end of the project.

The Future of DOFdb

We hope to add onto this project by allowing DOFdb to extend its capabilities to other API's such as Facebook and Twitter. This would allow a person to use OpenDOF to develop a social media web application by just starting an instance of DOFdb. We also hope to extend DOFdb and hope to use it to build a personal cloud file system. We want to finish our implementation the DOF writer so that you can stream files as well as write them. We were also not able to take advantage of OpenDOF's Security which would be a simple fix for the future.

Hit us up if you have any questions!

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