El Khasser Ykhaless ! (the loser pays)

An Algerian children's common convention, they use it whenever they want to add spice to a game they're playing

The concept is simple, a bunch of children playing a game, whoever loses pays or does something agreed upon before starting the game

No studies were made about it, but reality has shown that it can boost the players' motivation to 110% or more !

Play hard or lose.. not lose the game, but lose something you own (your time included)

Except that it will be made for all categories of people in this case, not just children, and the game here is accomplishing a set of tasks before their assigned deadlines.

What it does

The user can choose to work alone or competitively inside a group

Working individually enables the user to create a task, specify its estimated time needed, and then start a counter to work on his task, he can start that counter immediately or program the task for a certain time in the future.

In case he chooses to work competitively with a group (WorkGroup), the user will be able to create a WorkGroup

He then chooses the context of the tasks (i.e title of the WorkGroup)

Invites participants (and a judge to oversee the whole process)

Adds a task or more with their deadlines (each user adds his own tasks)

And finally adds the penalty or the challenge.. what the potential loser will have to pay or do.

A user invited to a WorkGroup will be able to see its chosen context (significant title), its participants and assigned judge, and its penalty, and he will have the option to accept joining the WorkGroup or cancel.

By accepting he will be asked to add his tasks with their deadlines and he will be ready to start

When all participants are ready the work starts and deadlines must be met.

(P.S This is only our MVP, many other functionalities will be implemented :D)

How we built it

We're using bootstrap for Front-end, MongoDB with Mongoose and Express.js with Node.js for Back-end, and of course Android-Studio.

Challenges we ran into

  • After a very long time working hard and coding, we were able to make the first functionality of our prototype, it was sophisticated and counted as 40% of the MVP, we were so far the first team to finish the first functionality, the team decided to take a break to breath some air, when one of us got back, he found the code as if it was re-winded back to the past

With no commit made yet, there was no choice but to do everything from the beginning It was a huge setback to the team, but we lifted our spirits back up together, initiated git and started making commits every 15 seconds

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

  • First thing you do starting a new project: git init, and make commits on changes, version control matters in ways we're still discovering ## What's next for Caliber Machine learning! wohoooo
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