Full-body virtual reality dodging game, built using Unity, a Microsoft Kinect V2, an Oculus Rift, and a Leap Motion.

Incorporating any one of the devices by itself in a game is becoming increasingly easier as the technologies for VR improve. However, the real challenge is how to leverage multiple device's strengths in order to create a more seamless and fun virtual experience.

We developed a cheap-to-use full-body tracking system for video games. The Kinect maps joint and body data to a skeleton model, the Leap Motion tracks an accurate representation of hand bones, and the Oculus tracks your head position and direction.

We chose to show off this concept by placing the user in a medieval tavern, where a drunk man continues to hurl drinks at you. Your entire body is tracked, so you can interact with the thrown objects by moving out of the way or by physically interfering with them.

Top 10 at LA Hacks 2016; this was done in the span of 36 hours.

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