This is inspired by the physical games of childhood memories - dodgeball, kickball, tetherball, wallball, etc., and by Space Pirate Trainer, a VR game.

What it does

You gotta dodge a bunch of stuff - some stuff rolls at you, some stuff flies at you quickly, some stuff flies at you slowly but comes back over and over again. You can also use tools (shields and force guns for now).

How I built it

I built this game in WebVR using A-Frame and Three.js. It uses simple assets and loads very quickly.

Challenges I ran into

Complex physics, especially with things like the force gun applying an impulse to wherever you hit the object, not just the center of the object.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Accessible gameplay, no instructions required.

What I learned

Organizing an application using an entity-component system, and a lot of physics.

What's next for DodgeAll

Networked play, both symmetrical and asymmetrical. Different environments to play in. Leaderboards. In-game replays and recording. A storyline??

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