Inspiration is going to be a major platform for software development in the blockchain community, owned and governed by developers. We have been inspired by the evolution of Ethereum-compatible chains, and strongly believe that traditional recruitment processes can be moved onchain. Our app aims to help crypto community to manage recruitment in a preferred crypto way.

What it does dApp is built as an uniform platform to bring all software development processes to blockchain. It will be used as work marketplace for developers and art creators. Dodao.devusers currently have three roles:

  • customer
  • performer
  • auditor

Customer is able to create Task contract with DEV and USDC tokens as a reward. Once Performers apply for a Task, Customer is able to select the Performer for Task implementation. After the Task is implemented the Performer applies for a Customer review. Currently all negotiations are performed off-chain via Customer selected method (such as Telegram or Discord for example). When Customer is happy with the work done, he signs the review and the Performer will be able to withdraw the tokens. If any dispute occurs an Auditor can be invited to review the task and settle it.

About Task tags and NFT tags.

  1. Each task can be created with a number of text tags assigned to it along its title and description. When a Customer assigns a common tag which is also available as preminted NFT tags collection (for example Javascript, Design or Web3), user is able to attach one to his task. Such option is available by clicking on the assigned tag and selecting a count of NFT tags to be attached to the task, if a Customer does not have any NFT tags from the collection he is able to mint it for a fee, or buy from a Market(do be defined separately). When the task is created, the NFT tags assigned to the task are transferred from Customer wallet to the task contract address.
  2. When a Performer applies to the task with NFT tags he must own at least the same amount of the NFT tags of the particular collection. If a Performer owns more NFT tags than was assigned to a task he can boost his participation by using more NFT tags so he will be shown higher and a power bar(and probably tag count) will be shown on his NFT tag badge. When Performer applies to the task, the NFT tags in the specified amount are transferred from Performers wallet to the task contract address.
  3. When Performer completes the task he receives all NFT tags assigned to the task, both Customers' and his own. He is free to keep it or sell on the Market.

How we built it

Tech: Dart, Flutter, Fantom, Arweave, Axelar, Hyperlane, Wormhole, LayerZero, Witnet, Solidity, Walletconnect, Ethereum EIP-2535 Diamonds, EIP-1155 multi token contracts.

Devopsdao dApp is built on Flutter 3 powered by Dart language. Framework optimized for fast native apps on any platform. Devopsdao is a early bird blockchain project based on Flutter, taking the advantage to be presented on major platforms. Devopsdao EIP-2539 based smart contract Diamonds are compiled with hardhat and depend on Axelar GMP SDK for cross-chain interoperability. Devopsdao web app is served from Arweave decentralized cloud. Ongoing integration with Web APIs(like Github) via Witnet. Implemented Axelar, Hyperlane, Layerzero and Wormhole smart contacts as Diamond facets to enable cross-chain features. devopsdao dApp is deployed on Fantom and is available via Axelar GMP from Axelar supported blockchains. It is also available via Hyperlane, Wormhole and LayerZero bridges. For Web3 interaction we support our own WebThree library.

Challenges we ran into

We had a quite slow transaction speed on another chain testnet where was deployed to, and when switched to Fantom we have been amazed by its speed. We had a challenge of integrating NFT based Task tags with task creation flow, implementing smart contract compatible with ERC-1155 providing extended functionality necessary for task management and developing a smooth animated interface for adding tags, minting and creating collections. We had a challenge to implement Flutter widgets for NFT tags and animating all user interactions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

During this hackaton we have implemented ERC-1155 based Task NFT tags. During the hackaton we have also implemented in code the new dApp design.

What we learned

We have learned about making ERC-1155 tokens compatible with ERC-20 and ERC721. Flutter animation tricks and caveats.

What's next for

Private investment rounds, public sale and mainnet launch

We are coming close to mainnet launch and getting ready for our next release. Our next release is going to include many features we have been working on recently.

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