As thousands of organizations use both DocuSign and Confluence for business critical e-signature documents, we identified a need to create an integration between both platforms to improve approval processes. By filling a market need across a multitude of business use cases (such as companies requiring HIPAA, FDA, and SOX compliance, to name a few), DocuSign for Confluence eliminates wasted time and tightens the feedback loop of the e-signature process while ensuring compliance regulations for these users.

What it does

DocuSign for Confluence allows you to create, send, and track electronic signature documents from and within Confluence for your fastest, easiest approvals.

  • Export pages and attachments to Confluence and external users.
  • Recieve realtime status updates via the DocuSign page lozenges and Confluence notifications.
  • Embed DocuSign signature, initials and other fields directly into pages via Macros.
  • Create report pages with DocuSign envelope list Blueprints.

How we built it

We worked with DocuSign's REST API and Business Development team to develop a full-service solution to embed the signing UX for an on-page document sending experience.

Challenges we ran into

Confluence uses its own "flyingpdf" for page export, which is a proprietary version of FlyingSaucer media converter (but has no exported API). We had to recreate an exporter to provide PDFs to DocuSign's API.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As an integration product, it was necessary to learn two separate APIs and product feature sets. New to Atlassian SDK and OSGI, we had to surmount several learning curves at once such as overcoming limited documentation and proprietary "nuances" to create a full-featured, enterprise-level product integration with the world's largest e-signature provider.

What we learned

The breadth of features we created really exercised our understanding and developed our internal expertise of the Confluence and DocuSign APIs. Our understanding of industry e-signature and regulatory concepts has been greatly enhanced as well. Our team is poised to provide powerful future enhancements to this product, as well as DocuSign integrations for JIRA and HipChat in the coming months.

What's next for DocuSign for Confluence

  • Integrating with DocuSign for JIRA
  • Improved UX and export capability
  • Confluence 6.0 support
  • Recipient-level status tracking
  • Improved and expanded macros

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