Electronic signatures are becoming an important part of doing business - more and more companies are adopting this progressive technology in favour of traditional paper based methods of authentication. DocuSign is one of the leading organizations in this field. DocuSign for salesforce is one of the most popular plugins on the salesforce app exchange. Please see the GitHub repo /Output/bin/Release folder for the DLLs and the .nuget package. The instructions for the project can be found on the file.

What it does

It exposes the main DocuSign functionality to the RPA developer. This includes Envelopes, Signing, Templates, and communicating with the server.

How I built it

I attempted to make this in such a way that it would be easy to use for anyone, but advanced functionality is available to those who want it.

Challenges I ran into

The DocuSign authentication process is very rigorous, and has some unusual requirements which required some creativity to overcome in an user friendly way.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Well, the DocuSign documentation for the SDKs was quite incomplete, so I wrote my own Http agent to communicate with the server.

What I learned

After developing on the command-line with Vim for a long time, it's been a real pleasure to use such an advanced IDE as visual studio. I hate to say it, but I guess I've learned these modern user-centric development tools aren't all that bad after all.

What's next for DocuSign Activity Pack for UiPath

What we really need is for a large multi-million dollar organization to approach DocuSign and propose a product integration, in the same vein as Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft, Google, and others.

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