Currently City Year Americorp members have to manually seek parental consent for participants by giving students a form to fill out. This process is manual, handwritten, and many times the corp members lose the packet of forms. This creates a liability for City Year as the information on the forms is not entered into the system of record (Salesforce). While corps members have a Salesforce account, it is often a hassle for them to login to login to Salesforce and make changes to student and parent records.

Having a flow from Docusign -> Google Sheets -> Salesforce creates a solution that addresses the limited technology corps members have access to and is a flow that is easily trainable and straightforward to roll out

How I built it

NodeJS-Docusign API:

  • Using NodeJS using an express application and the DocuSign SDK, we first authenticate with the docusign server and get completed envelopes. Using the completed envelopes we use the data in the form and move forward to the Docusign to Sheets merge below.

Sheets API Merge:

  • Spreadsheet created with same name as the docusign form
  • Dynamically imports form names to the header of Google spreadsheet
  • Continuously imports rows when forms are filled out and sent back

Salesforce Google Sheets Connector -Configured SOQL query for the Salesforce Google Sheets Connector to match to the Student Custom Fields in the City Year Sandbox Account

  • This allows the user to push data from the google sheet directly into the Student Custom object with the ability to get data and also update, create, and add new students and their data for the specified School,

Challenges I ran into

  • OAuth authentication was a bit of a struggle but eventually was completed.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This consolidates the data into an easy to view spreadsheet and will continue to append new data as users fill out and submit their forms.

What I learned

  • Implementation of DocuSign API
  • Implementation of Google Sheets API
  • Push data back and forth between Google Sheets and Salesforce ## What's next for DocuSheetForce Hopefully they implement and use this!

Demo Flow:

Characters: City Year member, student, parent, City Year admin Flow: [1] Americorp member shares parental consent form by email or as a paper form with students depending on their technical needs. (show docusign login portal and form- send email to mock parent account) [2] Parent opens form and fills it out (may want to set up something that autopopulates during demo) [2] OR Parent manually fills out form [3] Americorp member sees filled out form in google sheets. Can easily add new row for manually filled out forms with a status for the signature column that says signed. [4] Using salesforce <-> google sheets connector or zapier we can push the fields to the City Year Sandbox. Adding in the fields for Name, Address, Phone number as part of demo [5] City year now has a system of record for parental consent. It can easily modify our solution for future forms as well as for updating existing student records

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