Learning and sharing are two important elements to grow professionally. It is for this reason that I was motivated to participate in this competition, inspiring me to share my knowledge with other people who are passionate about technology and want to make a small contribution to society. I was also inspired by all those people who are starting in the world of programming, developing algorithms to show their creativity and what they are capable of worldwide.

What it does

To help generate new knowledge I have created a tutorial which is based on Docusaurus Version 2. All the documentation is available in my Github repository, which is published. This tutorial shows step by step what must be done to install, configure and deploy our website locally. Once we are satisfied with the work, the tutorial will guide you to be able to put the project in a Github repository and see what our website would look like on the internet. The images I have provided are very intuitive and I am sure they are very useful.

How I built it

The tutorial is designed based on people who have no experience at all working with Docusaurus version 2. It is for that reason that it is divided into sections. Each section is in charge of showing steps and requirements that must be followed for the correct execution. With the help of images, it allows you to express ideas and steps in a clearer, more precise and concise way. Allowing the tutorial to be very effective and efficient.

Challenges I ran into

I think the main challenge I had was to create a tutorial that was capable of being as clear and precise for the audience that could read it. Another challenge was trying not to neglect some detail for the proper execution of all the steps. That means that a revision was made from the grammar and punctuation marks to the clarity of the sentences accompanied by the images that support it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am very happy that the information I have provided based on my experience and knowledge can be rewarding for other people to generate new knowledge and learn about the use of information technologies. You really enjoy using the Markdown language to create fascinating things.

What I learned

I learned that it is important to create a very well structured and elaborate tutorial for all types of audiences. My learning was based on and focused on the fact that the tutorial should be easy and understandable for anyone. It is for that reason that I learned to take care of every detail in this tutorial.

What's next for Documentando con Docusaurus

Extend this tutorial to the intermediate or advanced level, where users can implement source code to see effective changes directly in the templates. Work with images, layout styles and incorporation of new elements in the template. I would also like to share the tutorial with developer communities and get some feedback. In order to continue growing the tutorial to make new information available.

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