Lots and lots of Documents which store an enormous amount of useful data are being left waste. If we are able to process these documents we can get a lot of insights and make predictions on various fields.

What it does

Class Sports News into :Athletics,Football,Cricket,Rugby and Tennis Which is uploaded as a Text file (.txt)

How I built it

 Preprocess the data
 Train a CNN model
 Use the Model in Flask web app

Challenges I ran into

 Unable to save the model in required format.

Loading the model in Web App. Transforming input to Vectors. Varying number of features in input.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Trained CNN Model Used Glove Converted keras model to Pickle model. Loaded the Pickle model in web app. Also saved the vector model as pickle. Vectorised the input before loading into model.

What I learned

How to put Deep Learning models into productions

What's next for Document_Classifier

Document Summarisation and Key Fields Retrieval

Built With

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