Our team members drew inspiration from the emerging trends in bullet journaling as a means to practice mindfulness and track one's mental health. By combining the best of tech in sentient analysis with strategies to improve one's mental health, our team sought to harness such technology as a supplemental side character in the user's life, rather than a dominating lead. Often times, we find inspiration and insight into rereading old diary passages. DocuMe was dreamt up to ease this journey down the past and guide users to improve their future.

What is DocuMe

DocuMe works at the intersection of Google's Realtime Firebase Database, Microsoft's Sentiment Analysis Tool (Azure), and Wix's newly-released WixCode platform. Users can create an account, login, and begin their journalling with our clean and minimalistic Wix website. Throughout the journaling process, users have access to sentiment analysis of their past posts displayed through clean and insightful visuals. Lastly, the site provides recommendations to users based on analysis of their experiences to aid them in their mental health endeavors.

Accomplishments + Learning

Our team began this project first and foremost with the intent of learning. None of us had any experience with the tools we worked with. Throughout the night of wrestling with JavaScript, hours of meticulous debugging of API calls, and difficulty in maneuvering web development for the first time, members of our team worked with 3 tools, learned 2 programming languages, and created one incredible project overnight.

What's next for DocuMe

We're excited to see how tech can be used as tool which keeps the user mindful, centered, and grounded in their lives. DocuMe is a part of this journey.

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