I was finding it a bit difficult to take down notes from online class and also when someone speaks in another language, I was not able to comprehend them that well. With Zoom, many people are connected virtually from all across the globe and there are around 6500 languages spoken in the world today. I wanted to make the sharing of knowledge and information easier where anyone can communicate with each other irrespective of the language one speaks and at the same time, take down notes from it.

What it does

DocuLator takes down notes from a conversation, can be Zoom or anything else and can translate that in real time based on the user's choice.

How I built it

I built using HTML/CSS and Javascript.

Challenges I ran into

The project is not yet complete and finding the right tools itself was a challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to implement the speech to text for web.

What I learned


What's next for DocuLator

I want to make a extension for Chrome and an dd-on for video-conferencing softwares. Also want to make a stand-alone app as well as an API that can other developers can build using our Tech.

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