Cloud Concept was looking for a solution which allows the users to generate documents and templates from board data. The need for using such functionality was discussed many times during webinars and meetings. Since there was no easy to use option available Cloud Concept decided to develop a such application.

What it does

DocuGen allows user to create a google doc using their own template and data from

How I built it

We integrated Monday APIs using Monday-SDK with Google APIs to establish a coherent flow of information from Monday boards to google documents. It required an understanding of both Monday and Google APIs and how the structured data from Monday could be used to create beautiful documents on Google Docs. Monday's GraphQL API made it extremely easy to understand the data structure and simplify our query requests to ensure we're only pulling the data we require for final document generation process.

Challenges I ran into

Generating documents based on specific items only. Filtering out specific columns in the final document. Filtering out groups in the final document. Adding styles to the final document.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

One-click document generation from Monday board to Google Docs Filters and styling customizability for document generation based on Monday data

What I learned

Monday's new GraphQL API structure, document structure, ability to manipulate and visualize data, etc.

What's next for DocuGen

Email Attachments to Internal, Quest users and email column HelloSign e-Signature

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