Tech centric health issues in India.

How it works

It has three main user roles - doctor, patient and pharmacist.


  • He/She can login and view hiss past records, vaccines, allergies and vitals(height,weight,bmi,bp,pulse)
  • He/she can find nearby hospitals using google maps
  • He/She can predict the diseases they may have by selecting the symptoms.


  • He/she logs in and enters the patients email
  • He/she can then view past records, vaccines, allergies and vitals
  • He/she can also edit the vitals of the patient
  • Then when he/she is done with the patient, then on clicking "Checkout Patient", he/she can either prescribe the patient with medicines and diagnosis (which is added to past records) or vaccinate the patient (which is added to vaccine records)


  • He/she logs in and enters the patients email
  • He/she can see the patients records list and press "Bill it"
  • On clicking he can see the medicines and then press "Done"

Thus, we were aiming to make the whole medical ecosystem paperless as well as smart

Technologies Used

Challenges I ran into

  • Authentication was a problem as we abstracted our app into a REST API so state is not stored on server i.e. it is not stored on the server whether the user is logged in. This was then accomplished via JWT (JSON web tokens) and php-jwt
  • The diseases prediction module was to be initially based on Google Prediction API but we later decided that a simpler algorithm was more better for our needs (you can see js/prediction.js). We were able to make Google Prediction API work but it didnot return results which we wanted.

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