We live in a world where we want information instantly...If I want to know the daily weather forecast I open the weather channel app, If I want to know the capital of New Zealand I search it on Google. However, there is nothing that enables me to instantly receive professional advice about potential medical concerns. We wanted to create a middle ground for individuals who often will neglect going to the doctors or hospital for fear of financial hardship. Through utilizing DoctorWatson's professional network of doctors the user can receive advice and potentially avoid injury from not going to seek in person medical assistance.

What it does

DoctorWatson utilizes the power of IMB's Watson AI to process the users naturally spoken medical complaint. Then through mapping the words and phrases through relevance we determined the best fit specialist type to assist the user. Next we parse through our database of Doctor users and find a doctor that is free and can best assist the user. We then show the best fit doctor to the user, if the user likes the doctor they can then chat and discuss the health issue. If the user does not like the doctor we suggested, they can request for a new one.

How we built it

We built it utilizing Xcode and swift as the primary language.

Challenges we ran into

Neither of us had experience with the artificial intelligence tool IBM Watson. Therefore, getting that API to work was very difficult. Further, it is being updated daily and the guides were outdated so we had to dive deep into the API code to determine how to utilize packages, functions, and objects. Further implementing the chat feature proved to be more difficult than initially planned. We really wanted to implement a system that was as close to real time chatting as possible. Our high expectations were eventually achieved, but it proved to be a difficult task.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Look how polished it looks!!! We are also proud that we were able to try to solve a global problem - providing professional medical consulting instantly and from anywhere in the world :)

What we learned

Start small. As put in the opening ceremony, "Make something crappy today," meaning make something that has the potential to be further improved.

What's next for DoctorWatson

Correcting the phone call feature between patients and doctors. Then implementing a live video chatting feature for the doctor to provide a more accurate remedy . Lastly, we plan on implementing the payment system between the users and the doctors.

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