These days with this global pandemic you may not feel well, but going to a doctor means going outside, which is not safe as you don't know what you will encounter, so having a platform that helps you send your symptoms to be checked by doctors is a useful thing.

What it does

So You basically enter as a patient , you write down your symptoms, medicines you have been taking lately and illnesses that happened recently , you save these. After this you go to the list of doctors you can search for ones around you if you happen to find ones then you can send them your case. on the other side as a doctor you can check the cases of these people and reply with possible illnesses. there is one extra thing here that is if the list of symptoms contains "Coughing" And "Hard Breathing" or any of the COVID-19 symptoms it'll notify you automatically.

How I built it

we built this platform using .NET Core Which is the first time I've ever tried. being a random person i always try to learn new technologies for each new challenge and this time it was .NET Core. website was built following 1h:35min of tutorials from me , 1h from both my team mates.

Challenges I ran into

  • Learning Things and applying them at the same time.
  • Problems With Firebase RTDB

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

the Website somehow works and it can be used as a static website for now xD which we will hopefully improve upon if we get the chance to finalize the project.

What I learned

.NET Core

What's next for Doctors Around

in the submission video

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