I love superheroes and their superpowers. Doctor Strange has been one of my favorite superhero. I am very much fascinated by his mystic powers. This is what inspired me to create a Lens that lets Users experience this magical powers of Doctor Strange in Augmented Reality on Snapchat in an Immersive way.

What it does

My lens lets Users experience the mystic powers of Doctor Strange and also dress up like doctor strange. On starting the lens, users are welcomed by an intro screen, on continuing further users get to choose from two available options, First is the Powers of Doctor Strange and second is the Dress Up On Selecting the first option Users can have a look at what spells to say in order to trigger the magic. I have added 5 different Spells, after saying the spell, users get hints on how to play with that magic, users are also instructed which camera, front or back should be used in order to get the best results. On Selecting the second option Users can Dress Up like Doctor Strange

How we built it

I have built this lens using the amazing features of Lens Studio. I have utilized a lot of useful features. For my first part of lens that features the Powers of Doctor Strange I have used 3D hand tracking , a couple of custom components, 3D world objects, Body Attachments, VFX, Voice ML, Tween manager and lots of behavior Scripts. On listening to a particular command the lens will trigger a specific magic, also users get to see hints on how to use the magic. For the second part Dress Up I have utilized the latest Garment Transfer technique that lets users experience different clothing seamlessly. I have added the doctor strange outfit here. Users can control this lens completely Hands Free, thanks to the System Voice Commands.

Challenges we ran into

It was a challenge for me to make this complete Lens in the limited size of 8mb. But to my surprise since I used many SnapML assets there was an extra 10mb reserved for that so it didn't contribute to the original lens size and I could complete this amazing lens with great optimization.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud that my lens came out to be much better than I initially thought. Logger was pointing out errors where ever my lens wouldn't work and I was able to troubleshoot it properly. I have learned a lot from the workshops provided by Snap AR during this whole submission period. Also utilized a ton of knowledge and tips I received from them. I didn't wanted the lens to get launched in back Camera so I selected it to only work with front cam, which would affect the reach of my lens, despite this and its size, my lens was able to get more that 3K views in 24 hours of making this lens live.

What we learned

I have learned how to use the great new features that Snap has to offer us from their workshops and tutorials.

What's next for Doctor Strange

There are many more powers of strange that can be further added to my lens, also a hero cape with cloth simulation in the dress up option will look great, and I will also update my lens once the garment transfer gets an update for lower garment too.

Built With

  • behavior
  • customcomponent
  • garmenttransfer
  • handtracking
  • lensstudio
  • scripts
  • tween
  • tweenmanager
  • vfx
  • voiceml
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