Our inspiration is to revolutionize the doctor's office by using cutting edge technologies such as Video Streaming, Voice Generation and Artificial Intelligence. We believe that in the future, you will not have to go to a physical location every time you need to see a doctor. Often times it will be possible to have a video call directly with a specialist from the comfort of your home. A key role in this vision plays the reliable video streaming technology provided by

What it does

Our solution enables the following user journey: The patient visits the website of the doctor and by doing this, he/she enters into the virtual doctor's office. There the patient is greeted by our an AI voice assistant who guides him through the process of booking an appointment for a video call with the doctor. The voice assistant also collects valuable information about the patient such as his name and medical condition so that the doctor can be prepared in advanced. At the end, the patient and the doctor are connected in a high quality 1-to-1 video call where they can talk about the health condition in details. The patient gets the professional advice he/she was looking for without leaving the comfort of his/her home.

How is this solution unique

There are a few reasons why our virtual office solution is unique:

  • It can be embedded in any existing website. User do not need to install anything new on their computers/mobile devices. All they need is a modern web browser. This makes our solution very accessible by everyone and very easy to use.

  • Our solution uses voice and natural language processing to communicate with patients in a natural way. Users do not need to learn a new system or user interface. All they need is to use chat. The voice of the assistant will explain them everything they need to do and know. This makes the solution very easy to use by everyone.

  • Our solution guides the user step by step through the process of booking a video call appointment with the doctor. No prior knowledge is required by the patient as the voice assistant will explain what is needed at each step.

How we built it

We have built this solution using a number of technologies including Node.js for building the back-end, Vue.js, CSS, HTML5 for building the front-end, for implementing the natural language understanding, and AWS for hosting the solution.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the integration between various web technologies, the video platform and Artificial Intelligence into a single solution that can run in any modern web browser.

What's next for Doctor's Virtual Office

Our next step is to make our solution more robust and add more functionality to it so that it can become an MVP that we can test with real users. Once we validate that our solution can work in a production environment we will contact GPs and clinics around the world who might be interested in using our technology. We hope that our solution will become a global success with hundreds of thousands of doctors using it and we will revolutionize the healthcare industry.

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