Most people believe that social media is meant for nothing other than posts that indicate you are happy and healthy, but what if you aren't? Posting something sad on social media may just result in some half-hearted condolences from friends and nothing more. What if that person legitimately needs help? Enter Doctor's Orders. This app will allow doctors to keep track of their patients' emotional well being based on what they are posting to social media.


I wanted to build something to make health care a little easier on everyone involved. I don't see many healthcare hacks, so I wanted to try something new.

How it works

My app uses the twitter API to grab the most recent tweets from each patient. It then performs sentiment analysis on each of these tweets using AlchemyAPI, and saves the results locally. I then pass that data to a flask app to be displayed to the doctor. There are two views: a table of all patients, and an individual graph page for visualization.

Challenges I ran into

I rate limited the AlchemyAPI quite a few times, which set me back a few hours. I am not a front-end person so I hate struggles getting elements on the page to go to the right place, especially when I put in chart.js

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I started building it as an iOS app which was pretty cool. I'm proud that I was able to get the data visualizations working.

What I learned

It's better to work in a team than alone, that's for sure. I didn't come to Hack the Planet with an idea though, so forming a team was difficult. I should also maybe learn javascript.

What's next for Doctor's Orders

Integration with Twilio so you can call from the app to talk to a patient. Fully fledged mobile app, since doctors are very busy people.

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