Our inspiration was the story told by one of our challengers Jerry. His story was about how he wants to have privacy at a new doctors office while filling out new forms. My teammates and I also wanted to challenge ourselves by learning in a new language environment.

What it does:

Our application was designed to keep all of the patients information in one accessible place. Inside our application, we have created sections where the patient would store their information

How we built it:

We build our program in Android Studio. In this environment we were primarily using XML with a little bit of java in the mix. We created the application simulation in Sketch.

Challenges we ran into:

Off the bat, my team and I ran into the issue of using a new language environment for the first time. Our primary focus was originally in Python, C/C++, and MASM Assembly Language (x86). As we began to work on our project, we had to do a lot of research to find a good starting point. A little while down the line we ran into another issue since we could not figure out how to have subsections in our application. Another issue that we ran into near the end was being able to utilize the speech reader to read off the information on the application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

My team and I are very proud of ourselves that we were able to learn a new programming language, while also having an idea that could potentially help someone in the future.

What we learned:

We were able to learn the new environment of Android Studio and the XML language.

What's next for Doctor's Note:

Our next step is to further advance our application by implementing voice into it. We did not have enough time to learn to implement this but we would like to in the future. Along with this, we plan to make the application even more accessible to the visually impaired.

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