During Covid-19 ,we have lost many doctors. This was due to working in such conditions and most of them did'nt even got the symptoms and lost their life. To avoid this in future I want to build a 24x7 Health Locket for Doctors.

What it does

It sends temperature data from sensor to Web App using Google Cloud's Iot Core and AVR Iot Board.

How we built it

I used the Microchip's AVR Iot Board to send Temperature data from sensor to Google Cloud. It uses wifi to connect to internet.

  1. Make Connections of Board with sensor and connect it to laptop.
  2. Make Project in Google Cloud and Enable Billing
  3. Enable IoT Core in Google Cloud and Create a Registry
  4. Enter any name of Registry and add MQTT Topic : projects/doctors-locket/topics/avr-iot
  5. In the Certificate section of MQTT add the Device Certificates which are already available in the Development Board
  6. Add a FireBase Project with same Google Cloud Project to host our data to web app from Sensor -> AVR IoT Board -> Google Cloud -> Iot Core -> MQTT -> FireBase-> WebAPP
  7. So the Doctor can wear the device with casing and a 5v LiPo Battery ,and he can view the data of his body temperature from his Phone

Challenges we ran into

  1. Connecting with MQTT was difficult as we needed to rebuild the project with Atmel Studio

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. It works 24/7
  2. It can be used easily and data can be accessed fast and reliable

What we learned

  1. Google Cloud's Iot Core
  2. Firebase Web Hosting
  3. MQTT Protocol

What's next for Doctor's Locket

  1. Adding More Sensor like Heart Monitor
  2. Making available in a small and beautiful package

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