Inspiration: I was inspired by my mother who always used natural remedies to heal ailments. Her background includes ayurvedic medicine, which is an ancient Indian practice to improve health and lifestyle naturally.

This app allows young women to access an alternative to prescribed medicines such as birth control, and help them heal with natural herbs and foods. As a young woman, my body goes through the most changes. Women deal with their mensural cycle, giving birth and even menopause. Why treat a natural problem with an unnatural solution?

We combined modern day scientific research, ancient techniques and knowledge that have been proven to be affective. With modern day technology, we can have this information accessible to the public, while catering to peoples' specific needs.

Challenges we ran into was making sure that all the information we use will be verified. With this app, we want to encourage people to do their own research on natural herbs and supplements to better understand their value.

Accomplishments that we're proud of would be the fact that this app gives people more options, rather than feed into the pharmaceutical world. Pharmaceutical companies have been basically running the economy. Ethics and morals do not matter to them, and it's time to step in and give people medicine that will benefit them in the long run.

What we learned is that there are so many natural remedies to heal the body that are more effective and lack harmful side effects. These remedies are safe to use on young kids, animals, sensitive patients and beneficial to everyone.

What's next for Doctor Nature: In the future we will provide a line of natural supplements in the future. As of now, we plan on recommending natural remedies that have been proven effective. Selling supplements herbs and teas will ensure that our customers receive the best possible quality medicines.

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