Do you know what sucks? In many countries around the world, medical attention is not readily available. Certain life threatening situations require medical attention right away. This is a big issue in third world countries, and certain medical emergencies render victims unable to take the steps necessary to get adequate, timely medical attention. Additionally, Hospitals or medical facilities may be hours away from certain residencies. Often times, medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, or even people trained in first aid are much closer in distance.

Doctor Hookup 1.0 is an accessible, easy way to mass call/message nearby medical professionals/first aid specialists, at the touch of a button. User's create a basic medical profile containing vital information such as age, blood type, and medication history. In case of emergency, clicking the emergency button will send a call and detailed message to nearby people with titles such as "MD", Lifeguard", "Nurse", etc.

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